Flex Builder vs TextEdit vs FlashDevelop vs Flash’s wimpy actionscript editor

Most actionscript developers have their editor of choice FlashDevelop has it's followers who swear by it. Flex Builder has it's nice auto imports and code corrections and if you know your way around snippets, which can also be used to make TextMate quite the lofty editor. So my question is with all these legitimate environments for actionscript development, why does Flash's lack all the power? Perhaps they're simply trying to get those developers still hanging onto timeline code more of a reason to leave, aside from buried bits of code. Maybe adobe just wants everyone to invest in Flex Builder, however there are enough free alternatives it seems that since flash has obviously become a stronger coding platform, why would they even bother allowing you to open .as files in flash without any benefit. Aside from the custom code coloring it's about as helpful as notepad.

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