HTML5 interaction on the iPhone limitations

Although Apple claims to be a major proponent of HTML5 by dismissing flash, the truth is they are really just trying to keep the web from being as rich as native applications where they have the greatest stronghold in the mobile market. You can do quite a bit with HTML5, with canvas, video, webGL, and other new features it contains a lot of the abilities that made flash so cool. A lot of these are popping up in rich games and websites and while they still aren't to the ability that flash has, there is no where they seem more limited than on apple's own device. For example canvas itself runs much slower on the iPhone than if you simply animate div's with hardware acceleration using webkit's translate3d transformation. Video is completely crippled, particularly on the iPhone where they disable the ability to play inline video, instead launching it full screen. They also don't allow more than one video playing on both iPhone and iPad, as well as removing the ability to auto play video on both devices. The argument for this autoplay functionality is that people are typically charged for data usage on these devices, but this argument becomes null when you consider the iPad is typically using wi-fi. These hindrances handicap the mobile space on these platforms and the ability for web developers to creatively utilize video beyond simple video playback. It's interesting because it seems the natural progression of the web is to emulate native applications, however on these devices popular for using the web Apple seems to be blocking it.