swfaddress 2.3 problems: IE7 not loading parameters/not updating URL

I have since reverted to using swfaddress 2.2, I should note I am also using swfobject 2.2. First the confusion began when I noticed in the src folder when downloading the swfaddress package there are a bunch of javascript files including one titled "SWFAddress.js" while in the sample folder most if not all of the files reference "swfaddress.js" (note no capitals). I had tested it with both of these files and both had different results, the "swfaddress.js" implementation works perfectly except for a bug that does not pass parameters into the swf in IE7. The other file "SWFAddress.js" fixes this, except it does not display the correct url in the address bar and does not correctly work with the forward/backwards buttons. So my solution was to use "swfaddress.js" version 2.2 instead, which happily works wonderfully.