The state of education in a rapidly changing environment.

So recently I came across this article regarding future Journalists and what skills they must have: 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist.  This got me thinking about colleges and the kinds of Journalism classes they had.  I was thinking how hard it must be for college professors who have to constantly be learning new skills for these evolving and adapting professions.  Then I remembered the coursework comprised of mostly history and theory.  History and Theory for the most part never change, they only expand with whatever new history or new theories come about.  In this way the educators don’t necessarily have to be frantic about new and expanding job markets, they only have to pop an extra question on the final exam. It should be noted that Theory and History alone do nothing to make you better at anything, they only help you understand concepts and how things became the way they are.  It is only in the application of these concepts in a meaningful way that actually results in any useful knowledge.  And this is what it seems education currently leaves out for the most part, the part it expects people to figure out on their own.