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threadless debut.

my first threadless critique oh the harshness of it all, Garden Gnome Power

New Google Logo

With the new changes to google’s logo, you can see they’re starting to take design seriously. These subtle adjustments to the bevel and drop shadow make a dramatic difference in it’s appearance and much less of a “i just learned layer styles/blending options in photoshop” feel.


getElementById had always been a nice way to reference attributes of an element in your html via javascript, but now with the dawn of HTML 5 you can update whole groups with the getElementsByClassName function which will collect all elements with the chosen class in an array for you to loop through and apply attributes getElementsByClassName

don’t forget to flush()

This is sort of a personal reminder and assistance to anyone else wasting their time on this issue. I was having the problem where my socket was working and communicating as expected on Mac OS, but the socket was not working correctly on Windows systems. While a socket connection will write and read data from don’t forget to flush()

trace flash in the browser

sephiroth's firefox plugin is awesome and will trace flash content from any browser that is open. Flash Tracer