3d means better.

Since the dawn of 3d in video games, it has been seen to be the apex of multimedia. The z-axis brings new life and dimension to stale and boring worlds. The web seems to be the last remaining digital realm where this has not yet been fully developed. But with tools like Papervision3d and Google’s O3D this seems to be trying to change. However, the web as a medium is still bogged down by limitations which can often show up when 3d pushes bandwidth limits and processor usage to their max. Although Roxik’s Sharikura 3d engine for flash seems to shine light on the 3d potential of the web in ways few others have been able to replicate. People are always trying to find new applications of 3d, particularly in regards to user-interfaces. BumpTop is trying to bring this concept to the user’s desktop. However often enough it seems that 3d is much more glamor than function. Particularly in regards to the desktop where function is a complete necessity not only for work-flow but for the casual user as well, the potential of losing files and folders on a whole new plane might seem a bit frightening.