Alien Interfaces – UI / UX created with AI

I recently posted to twitter inquiring about interest in showing how to build out sites designed by midjourney. This was largely inspired by some tweets by Davis Taylor Brown showcasing how midjourney could be used for UI/UX design. The response was quite positive.

So I began thinking about how I could bring this idea to life. I built a website I’m calling Alien Interfaces which is a collection of websites, video tutorials and source code that allows you to learn the process by which I create them.

Currently converting this kind of designs is a rather tedious process. But I plan to increasingly use AI/ML tools to generate the code and the output and explore how this process evolves over time. Who knows maybe eventually it will become a one click process. But for now I’m enjoying exploring the ways we can take this infinite supply of inspiration and bring them to life.

You can keep up with things by subscribing to the newsletter on I’m also posting bits on TikTok, videos on my YouTube channel and content on Twitter.

It’s exciting and inspirational to see what is now possible with this new technology and I think as creators if we focus on how we can leverage it to improve our skills and our workflow and grow with the capabilities, we can use it to make amazing things.