The difference between neat and awesome

In design, design being creating anything that has the potential to be viewed critically by anyone.. In anything, there is a substantial difference between mediocrity and the amazing. This difference is often the justification for significant gaps in salaries and cost. Often it seems that those creating mediocre products suffer from a belief that superior results only come with a good deal of luck or a higher power.  This belief often seems to stem from an amount of laziness and hasty contentedness.  However, this does not mean that hard work will guarantee mindblowing results.  Better put, smart work, aknowledging what works, what doesn't, what takes time, what expedites things, as well as personal strengths and weaknesses, and focusing time and energy into things based on this information to pursue the goal. There isn't always a definite answer, but if you look around you at what others are doing well and tell yourself, 'I can do that.' Sit down and do it until you've got it, then make it better. Awesome is always just an incrementing step of the collective appreciation of hard work and innovation.