Thoughts about hack-a-thons

So I attended a game jam this weekend.  I  haven’t done any flash programming for about 2 years, so it was fun to take a trip back into the past and write some Actionscript again.  I went with my friend and we were paired with a couple people.  There are a few things I’ve learned Thoughts about hack-a-thons

Graphical Web Experiment

The Quest for the Graphical Web was an experimental presentation I put together with some amazing friends and the team at Adobe to tell the story of how the web is evolving from a graphical perspective. You can watch the full recording of the presentation from the Create the Web event.  A web version can be viewed Graphical Web Experiment

Digital Reading Experiences

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at W3Conf in San Francisco this year. My talk was about reading experiences on the web, ways we can improve them and where we see this going in the future. In the talk I show off how we can use Regions for visually stunning magazine layout Digital Reading Experiences

The Web as a Platform: PhoneGap Day 2013

I was invited to PhoneGap Day US in Portland Oregon to talk about the web. I used it as an opportunity to discuss capabilities and features making their way to the platform that I think can change how people build web applications. You can watch the video of my talk below.

HTML5 Dev Conf “Web + Wow”

I spoke at HTML5DevConf last October. My talk was called “Web + Wow” and explored the web as rich medium and different techniques people can use for some interesting effects. You can find the synopsis and video below and the slides are up here. An exploration of the web as a medium. The web is HTML5 Dev Conf “Web + Wow”

SVG Animation with Snap

Adobe recently open sourced Snap, a javascript library for manipulating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on the web. The library was written by Dmitry Baranovskiy, who wrote the popular Raphaël library for vector graphics on the web. The reason for writing a new library was that Raphaël was written at a time when older browsers like SVG Animation with Snap