The Web as a Platform: PhoneGap Day 2013

I was invited to PhoneGap Day US in Portland Oregon to talk about the web. I used it as an opportunity to discuss capabilities and features making their way to the platform that I think can change how people build web applications. You can watch the video of my talk below.

Graphical Web Experiment

The Quest for the Graphical Web was an experimental presentation I put together with some amazing friends and the team at Adobe to tell the story of how the web is evolving from a graphical perspective. You can watch the full recording of the presentation from the Create the Web event.  A web version can be viewed Graphical Web Experiment

three.js custom shader material

This post is going to assume you have used three.js to set up a basic scene with a camera and objects. The shaders can go in a script tag within the page and then can be referenced using the id of the script elements. Vertex Shader: [code lang=”glsl”] varying vec2 vUv; uniform float delta; uniform three.js custom shader material