So perhaps you’ve heard of NFT’s. It was hard to avoid headlines about Beeple making millions on NFT’s and if you track anyone in the design space you’re probably getting bombarded with announcements of their drops. It’s also not hard to find anyone in the crypto space peddling how this revolutionizes digital art and the NFT’s?

Tiny Javascript Libraries

I used to do a lot of flash banner ads. Banner ads have tight requirements around file size so as not to bloat the hosting page’s download. With banner ads migrating to HTML this is even more of an issue with often lack of compression. Jack Doyle of Greensock wrote a great article talking about Tiny Javascript Libraries

Web Layers: Semantics & Graphics

In the beginning the web was simply a semantic layer. It was comprised entirely of text and markup. As it evolved more layout and graphics capabilities were added but comprised little more than adding images. Flash on the other hand represented the complete opposite, it was not semantic at all but allowed rich animation and Web Layers: Semantics & Graphics

SVG Calendar

Happy New Year! I like to make a calendar for our family each year and doing the layout in illustrator can be rather tedious. So last year I decided to write some code to do it in SVG utilizing Snap.svg. I added a vector illustration noting some of the vacations we had planned for the SVG Calendar

Animate SVG with the Flash Timeline

Here’s an introduction video to Snap.SVG Animator, allowing you to publish animated SVG from the Flash Animation tool. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a powerful tool in the web developer’s arsenal. But web creators have been rather limited by how they can create and manipulate this content. Vector tools like Adobe Illustrator have been able Animate SVG with the Flash Timeline

Digital Reading Experiences

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at W3Conf in San Francisco this year. My talk was about reading experiences on the web, ways we can improve them and where we see this going in the future. In the talk I show off how we can use Regions for visually stunning magazine layout Digital Reading Experiences

Graphical Web Experiment

The Quest for the Graphical Web was an experimental presentation I put together with some amazing friends and the team at Adobe to tell the story of how the web is evolving from a graphical perspective. You can watch the full recording of the presentation from the Create the Web event.  A web version can be viewed Graphical Web Experiment

backup systems

it seems sometimes it takes a bit of a catastrophe to remind us of the importance of a fail proof backup system. have an automated on-site backup system, using an external hard drive if possible have a somewhat regular off-site backup (in case of fire or burglary) if there are files you cannot live without backup systems